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       Yesterday I just finished my final exam

      But something unusual happened at the exam

      It was an open book exam
      The exam was case studies
      There were 5 numbers
      and 4 of them already has the answers

      Below the question
      there's a box that's filled with the answer

      I always read all of the questions first
      and when I saw what was written in the box
      I was like

      Don't know what's wrong with the lecturer that she provided us the answers

      Holiday has started and
      Finally I'm back at home

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      #029 Harry Potter Obsession

         Just finished my mid-term test

        I think my score for this time will be bad

        Because instead of studying
        what I did is

        Re-reading Harry Potter

        Well, I started to re-read it before the mid-term
        and I can't stop reading it

        I really ought to set my priority

        Now, I almost finish reading all of the 7 books
        After reading it,
        I want to re-watch all of the movies

        And now there are 2 places that I really want to visit
        1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studio Orlando
        2. The Making of Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

        Don't know when I will be able to go to that 2 places

        *no emoticons since internet is too slow*
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        #028 Leap Day
            Haven't update in a long time

          University has started
          and I already has a lot of assignments
          and most of them are for the final test
          I wish that I could stop procrastinating and be more serious

          Seems like to stop procrastinating is always in my new year's resolution every year

          It feels like new year just coming
          then it's already the last day of February
          Time flies really fast

          Today is February 29
          And I just know that according to Irish tradition
          Women can propose marriage on February 29 and the men can't reject it otherwise they're expected to pay a penalty
          But I guess it's not valid anymore since there's already the emancipation of women

          Yesterday I got stuck at the campus  because of the rain
          Even though I brought an umbrella
          I decided to wait for the rain to stop before going home
          Because it seems that the rain won't stop
          finally I decided to went home already

          By the time I reached my boarding house
          The rain has stop
          and The sun already came out
          and several hours after that it's raining  again
          I hate this weather

          Just make a new category
          and according to its name
          the entry with this tag has a random topic

          Going to sleep now

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          One More Day
             Tomorrow is the last day of the final test.

            After that, I'll be free!

            WELCOME HOLIDAY!!!

            One bad thing about the last day of final test

            I have no mood to study at all

            Half of my mind already at the holiday

            Got to find some motivation to study now


            PS: No Emoticon since my internet is so slow

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              Yesterday just got a sad news

              山P & Ryo officially left NEWS
              So, now NEWS is a 4 members group.

              I'm sad with this decision.
              It must be hard for them
              But I believe they have discussed it thoroughly.

              Even though now NEWS is consist only of 4 people
              I'll keep support them.

              With this decision
              I hope that finally NEWS will have some activity as a group
              Hope that they'll gonna release a single soon.

              Now that the busiest members has left the group, they should have not find any difficulty in arranging the schedule, isn't it

              Maybe this decision could be a fresh start for NEWS

              That's enough for the sad news.

              At the end  of last month Johnny's announced that they'll debuting a new group in November.
              Sexy Zone

              Somehow this name is kinda

              Honestly I don't know what to say about this group name.
              I think it's okay if it's only for a temporary group.
              But for a permanent group

              Well, we'll just have to wait for their debut.
              Hope that they'll success.

              I think that's all for today.
              My mid-term test is starting next tuesday.
              Got to start studying

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              Going Home :)


                The final test is finish

                Can't believe that it's already the end of 2nd semester.
                It's been a year since I got into university
                Time goes by really fast

                Well, now that's the final test is done

                It means...

                HOLIDAY is coming


                I'm going home

                Can't wait to go home

                Finally I'll get to eat decent food again

                Well, I just finished downloading
                10-11 TOUR "Scene"〜君と僕の見ている風景〜 DOME+
                Going to watch it now

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                Untitled #8

                  I haven't post in quite a long time

                  It's not like I'm busy so I can't find the time to post
                  It's just that I don't know what to write

                  I just finished my mid-term exam today.
                  I'm really happy that finally it's over.
                  Even though I don't really confident about the result
                  I'll worry about it later

                  I can't really relax for now.
                  Because I still have some assignments that need to be done.
                  And I haven't do it at all
                  I'm too lazy to do it
                  Don't you wish that the assignments can finish themselves

                  I know that it's ridiculous but most of the time sometimes I really hope that it can finish itself.

                  I think that as I get older, I become lazier

                  Well, I have to do my best to finish all of the assignments
                  Just need to find the motivation to do it.

                  In about 2 months finally I'll be able to go home
                  I can't wait for the time to come
                  Miss my family very much


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                  Good News

                    It's really late but...

                    Happy Chinese New Year



                    Happy early Valentine's Day

                    Well, tomorrow the university is starting.
                    I'm already at the 2nd semester.
                    I wished that this semester I can do better than the last time

                    Yesterday I read a very good news
                    Maybe you're wondering what it is..

                    Kis-My-ft2 is going to debut


                    So excited with the news.
                    It was announced during their concert that they'll release a cd debut in may.

                    Finally their long awaited debut is coming.

                    That's all for today

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                    1st Post in 2011
                       I know that it's kinda late


                      Wish that this year will be better than last year

                      Well, finally I'm home
                      It feels really good  to be at home again

                      Finally I got to eat  all the foods that I missed

                      Well, not really...
                      I just ate some.
                      After all, the foods in my hometown is the best

                      Sorry if this post is random

                      I think that's all for now.

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                      1st Day in December

                        Somehow, time goes by really fast.
                        It's december already, the last month in the year.

                        I feel like I just get into the university  and next week is the final test already.
                        After that, it will be the second semester.

                        Well, the truth is I've been waiting for December to come
                        Because when it's holiday finally I'm going home
                        I really miss my hometown

                        Actually, I really want to go home today.
                        It's because today my cousin is getting married
                        But I can't attend it
                        Well, I just could wish her happiness

                        That's all for today..

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